Sunday, November 4, 2012

Update Nov 5

Been writing new stories, have half a dozen to eight that need revising plus another three to five left over ones from one I did a while back. Not sure when I will get them or be able to send out any.

Speaking of that I had wanted to send a story to Fantasy and Science Fiction Saturday but by chance I heard Sandy got to Hoboken--where F&SF have their HQ--so I think I will wait awhile.

I'm behind with my NaNo novel but I should be able to catch up, hopefully in a week or three, but I'm getting excited about the tale. I'm still not sure where it is all going but it's going.  :)   I think it might be one of my better ones. A bit different for me and for publication. I say a bit different because it's more who the MC is than the plot. Speaking of that as I write I'm trying to not use cliche phrases which many  times isn't good. Some people say that can wait until I revise it but that isn't the way I like to write. I want it as well done as possible the first writing. Of course I still find things that need work during a revising but I try to get it right first time. And I'm also working on making things more active instead of passive and adding the five human senses. Taste is a real problem at times. But I've been noticing when pro writers use the five senses and hopefully I can use some of their ideas.

Still need to spell check and proofreader check my second six chapters of Two Struggles so I can send them to a couple of people who would like them now. I keep forgetting. And it looks like out of the four people I sent the first five to only two are getting g back to me. The others suddenly got busy.

And I need to revise my next story going to WotF. I receievd two crits for it and it looks like the writing is in worse shape than I thought. It shouldn't be because I've had a couple people critique it already but it needs WORK. So I need to do that and write the NaNo novel and send out stories. The revising can wait 'till next month. Oh yes I got a complete rejection for Q3 I think I will send that one to IGMS. If one set of letters=WotF--didn't like it maybe another set will. :)

That's it for now but there could be a PS .

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