Thursday, November 22, 2012

Another Short NaNo update

Around 35,800 words. With what I wrote so far today it is probably 36,000 now.

Something I meant to say at the beginning but finally getting around to it--nice prograstination activity too--today.

Three years ago when I did this I made a new file for each day of writing. At the end I had to put them all together to turn it in and later to start revising it. When I sent one chapter to someone they found a missing space. I had fogotten to add one day’s file. I thought I was being careful and I thought I read through it.

Last year I decided not to do that and add a --- at the beginning of each new day’s writing. When I would go back to add something to a previous day’s writing I counted how many words and added them to the --- for the new day’s writing. thus 7---or 123---. I would delete the previous days line each new day even though when I started the revision process I discovered I skipped a day here and there. To count a day’s writing I scrolled back up until I found the --- and highlighted from all the new stuff. 

This year I’m doing the same. I debated going back to the original method but decided it was too bulky so I’m doing the lines again. That can be a pain when I have to go back five plus pages to find it so I can count the new stuff. Sometimes I miss it and have to go back and try again. I stop and read sentences along the way to see if I wrote that one today or the day before but sometimes it’s hard to recall when I wrote something. 

  I may have tried spaces inbetween the old stuff and new writing the first time I did NaNo years ago but that took time to find the spaces and to join the two parts and if I recall correctly I missed some of those too.  

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