Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Did it update NaNo

This sounds like the last NaNo update for '12 but it may not be. Most probably no more for a while but there still could be one to five of them over the next few months.

Okay, its verified at 51,387 words. 

Writer's Digest has a webinar on how to end a novel. I can say not like I did, even though it's only the last paragraph or so that is really bad.  Some of the last scene needs some work but it's only that last little bit that was rushed too much.... or so I think. 
Oops, that is a free worksheet not webinar Free

  No epilogues yet and they will add estimated 2,000 to 6,000 words plus I need to go back and add a few sentences on two things I added toward the end, all will add words but I'm not sure about getting it to 80,000 plus. For some reason I want this one to be traditionally published. So I may do a revising month if they do one. 

I also need a better Title  "His Other Job" may not cut it even though it might. It's close. 

One more thinI have two more computer things to do, one is to watch a video for the Dean Wesley Smith online workshop that starts next week and to download a free book is giving one away about writing and reading SF. by Norman Spinner. 

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