Sunday, November 11, 2012

My reading "Lies And Omens" Lyn Benedict.

Been trying to remember to add this for at least two weeks but finally:

Read "Lie & Omens" by Lyn Benedict. Part of a series--Shadows Inquiries.

I have mixed feelings about this series.

It's not my favorite, it's darker than usual even for UF, I don't like where Lyn goes all the time with the plot and I'm not totally sure I really like the MC. But Lyn is some writer, she knows: how to do suspense, how to put her MC in danger time after time and how to do the Try and Try again thing. One could learn to write better by studying her writing.  Yet with all that said I still enjoyed the book and I would recommend it. 

And It's the model and half the inspiration for one of my WIPs. The way it's going it could take another year to finish that WIP and when I do I will have to go back over it since I'm adding characters and background as I go along. I usually don't do that with novels but this one I am.  It's interesting I thought I had added a certain character on my own but as I read "Lies" I realized that character might be my version of a character in Lyn's work. Oops, I hadn't wanted to do that even as the MC is inspired, as I said, by Lyn's work. I thought that character would add an element Lyn doesn't have. In one way it still does but not as big a difference anymore.  I add here that I don't want to copy her work, I want to make it mine even with some basic similarities with her MC. 

And I wonder if Lyn is related one way or another with another writer. The other half of the inspiration. Both writers use a character with the same problem, and both names the bad guy side of magic users and mythical creatures. Maybe they are the same person or have read the same how to book on plotting

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