Friday, November 23, 2012

'nother mini NaNo update--and stories out

Last night I had to leave my MC in a cliffhanger, I don't know the answer to. 

Parts of this book has been like reading one...I didn't know where it was heading until I got there.

Almost made 40,000 if I had known I was this close I would have written 14 more words tonight. 

And I would have had it and more if I hadn't had to revamp a story I sent out tonight. 

Four out today, one needed some work when I ran it through my proofreader.

My MC overcame a bout with panic from a Phobia of Trolls he got while a Teen and killed the Troll that was after him.

Oh yes, I have an idea of why the bad guys are attacking everyone...better devolp iit I only have one week to be sure of the reason.

And for some reason I want to get this novel up in the traditional way. Last year's is an Indie book maybe...the year before is for sure. A Non NaNo Novel (Say that one five times real fast) is going up the Indie way if I ever get it back from the reviewers. 

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