Sunday, October 30, 2011

PS One More time

Oh yes. One other reason I have done more work lately is that I haven't played around for almost two weeks. Niice. Thanks be to God. That almost always takes up my writing time and gets me no where.

Gotten in some good writing on New Mage today. Now I'm moving toward the end.... finally. I'm going to have to rewrite chapters two and three though. I have said the first three chapters but I have already redone One.  Revisions on it all of course but that's not the same.

I finished two of my small short westerns including that one I want to send to those three-four markets but I still have to revise them. Right now I won't do that sequel to the western I wrote a couple of years ago so I can do that one I mentioned last note. The one that is different for me.

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