Friday, October 21, 2011

Letter to the editor


There's one they didn't print I'll be posting on the blog soon with some more addition.  It's down right hard to say what I want in only 200 words.

And here is an addition I will be adding to the online discussion if I get my password. Can't recall for sure which one it is.


Without responding on any of the comments here I would like to add a couple items I didn’t have room for in the letter.  
    There is one thing both TEA Partiers and Occupiers have in common, you may have heard it already. The bail outs given to the finance companies. I believe TEA Party are against them for two reasons at least. One is that it’s an example of big government sticking its nose into businesses. Second its an example of government overspending. Some partiers may believe some CEOs should be in prison for reacting wrongly to a bad situation. 
     Of course people are hurting, duh. We are in a major recession and the government is doing the opposite of what should be done. People were in pain during the Great depression and later in the Jimmy Carter economy. But that doesn’t mean we should throw a fit for more taxes and more free stuff or that someone going to jail will help.  
     I will add that those of the middle class that are joining the Occupiers, should work with the TEA party movement instead. They have better, proven ideas of how to actually get out of the Recession. 
   And I would add that while because there are so many Partiers in a wide variety of places, there are bound to be real bigots and other kooks there are very small in number and the regular people police them. However after one poll in one city and various comments by Occupiers in variety of places there are a whole lot more kooks-including other types of bigots in the Occupier movement. 

One last comment by more family friendly I mean no women running around topless, far fewer obcenties and such. 

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