Saturday, October 15, 2011

Yet another mini update but different

Decided to do a mini or a bit larger, westerns. Today at work I was thinking this over and decided to make a western e-book anthology. Maybe. I say for two reasons. One is that if I do all the stories I thought of it will take me at least six months. Who knows what will change by then. Second: I decided to do a non-violent story about a family on a farm. If it turns out to be half as good as I think it could be I will be sending it to three possibly four markets. Glimmer Train contest and Pedestal for two. So we shall see how it comes out.

And since I have three of what I call Specwest -- sci Fi Fantasy westerns-- I would put them in their own e-book. And so I will end up writing maybe three more of those. That could at least six months too.

So by the time I do them, if I don't get side tracked, we shall see about the e-books

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