Saturday, October 1, 2011


I have a chance to see three music groups.  One in Oct. One Nov. and one in Dec.

Third Day will be at our local fair in a week or so. It's a work day but I decided I am missing too many shows waiting for Friday and Saturday concerts. And I now really like Third Day.

Second does happen to fall on a Saturday night and it's only ten dollars. Newsboys, Kutless, and a couple of others I would love to see. I mean usually it's way more than ten to see one of those groups. And as I said it's on a Saturday night. Love the new Newsboys even though I wished I could have seen them with their last lead singer. His last record with them is something else. Love it... most it that is. And I wonder how the new guy does those songs and if he does.

Mannheim Streamroller  in Dec. That one is a touch expensive especially with ten dollar fees added one but still a great concert. I saw them once and I want to again!!  Surprised they are here this year since they were here last year but I missed last years.  I have the money but it's on a weeknight and my wife doesn't like me out there that late. But I can park in the parking lot instead of the street.

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