Saturday, October 8, 2011

Update on mini stories

Thought I had finished the last one today at work, but I remembered there might be one more I haven't done. I say might be because I remember starting it on my computer but can't recall finishing it. I'm going to have to search for it. I might be remembering writing it out by hand.

There are also two to four of those stories still on paper I still need to type out. Since they are super short it won't take long. Then I'm going to have to revise them all. Of course the ones that are really minis won't need much revising. I may see if I can get a couple of people to crit them. Maybe a butch of them-- probably all of them are less than 6,000 words.

It's been fun and who knows I may not be done. Twice now I said I'm done but then remembered another story I had in mind to write. Some of these are a lot longer than I expected. One is a bit over 1,800 words, another a few over 1,700, a couple of others are over 600 but some are under two hundred. Not sure about the one I did today.

So far I have SF, fantasy and UF and two or three general fiction. I would like a couple of westerns and romances but that last could be hard to do even though I went over one romance idea today.

I may send the gen fic to ZZYZZA(whatever those letters are) and to Pedestal if they are not too short. If I haven't I will send two other general stories to those two markets too.

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