Sunday, October 23, 2011

Speaking of the Color Nook

As you know I bought one a while back- I still like it a lot- and I finally bought a cover for it. And I got it for free. I got a gift card for B&N a few months ago from my bank. I had planned on using it and what cash I had to buy the Nook but I ended up not using it. They have a lot of nice covers, some quiet expensive some not so much. I got one of the not so much ones. But I figured it was a good writing cover.
Took me three trips to B&N to remember the card but I finally did today.
You can look at it here:

And from my reading I still think my Nook as good as the Fire by Kindle except maybe the colors are brighter on the Fire.  

And now Nook has out a writing app for kids. Nice.

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