Saturday, October 29, 2011

One more time... Update

Okay been working on my novel New Mage On The Block. An aside here but I need a new name for it. It's not what I envisioned for that title. Still a great story I believe... in fact out of the three novels I did last year I think it's the better storytelling and plot but that's my opinion.

So I barely worked on it in the last couple of months, partly because I was stuck. I finally wrote a scene I had in my mind for a year but part of it didn't come out quite right. My MC invaded the bad guys lair and he sees her but does something and leaves her. The something and the leaving wasn't coming out right. But I think I finally worked it out. Not quite one hundred percent of what I wanted for that scene but it's a whole lot closer than what I had written. I can live with it. So now I want to get going with it again. Let's see if I can keep it up.

But than again there's NaNo. All next month I need to work on another novel... a space opera this time.

Last year's NaNo novel is stuck. I need to go revise it and fix the chapters after number seven but haven't worked on it for months. And I need a beta reader for the rest. I may have one. Thought I had three but two haven't responded to chapt one. If I can get to sending him chapt two.

Storm Born is stuck too. I keep forgetting to revise and send out chapt two. My wife wants to take a week off to catch up on her crafts and I need a couple of days to catch up on my novels.

Started a different type of SF story-for me- for Quarter two-'12 of WotF. peaking of which they are sending out rejections for Q4-'11. It's been a week or so and nothing. Every time I see I have mail on the LDW web page my heart clenches but so far nothing. I need some good news in regard to my writing.

Been spending too much time on Google + Because hatrack has been down for three.. four? days, which is one reason I did as much as I did on New Mage.

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