Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NANoWriMo again

Think I've mentioned I am thinking of doing the novel in a month thing again.

But suddenly:

I have half a dozen ideas to choose from.

I mentioned the space opera but I recalled there's an epic fantasy that has been floating around in my head for almost as long. I know the beginning and I've thought about doing from the POV of a character who isn't the big hero... like Frodo was the main hero. My MC will be one of four to seven people on a journey to reach a location where they will be able to save the day. Each person will do something to save the day but there's usually one main guy/gal who has something very important to do. So my MC won't be him/her. But since he can talk to dragons he will still be important.
And I may have one of those four to seven get killed and/or be permanently injured.

There's also the Angel novel sort of, kinda of, maybe along the same lines of Thomas E. Sniegoski 's Remy books. I originally came up with the idea during Buffy but have slightly modified the idea since reading the Remy books. I have a great opening scene for it but I'm kinda of not sure if I should make him forget he's an angel or not. At first.

I got a new idea for a half angel character tonight who has to learn who and what he really is. Sounds like a YA book to me.
and There was one or two other ideas.
But I have three fourths of a month to decide.

Other ideas:
A space opera but deals with a militia type of force. Even though a certain planet is in a larger star nation it's on the outskirts so rarely sees any of the space navy. They have their own small space force.

Or a fantasy where the group goes on a epic journey like Lord of the Rings but set in contemporary times. Don't think I've seen a lot of those.

Or a SO with a newly minted captain of a small warship who has a family tradition to uphold even though he's not the best student, hence the small warship.

It would probably by good for me to do it this year. I seem to be in a writing slump. I do some at work but at home I tend to play around too much and end up with ten to twenty minutes for writing. Not enough time to finish a novel and revise a story for WotF. For some strange, unknown reason it's hard to get back into the habit of writing instead of playing. Actually, I think I know part of the reason.

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