Sunday, July 17, 2011

Starting a new novel--story

I posted this to another blog in response to a comment the writer of the blog.

I thought it might be of interest to anyone reading this that is interested in how I write.

The subject manner is starting a novel and/or story.

I find that for me it depends. I just started a novel–mostly to get it out of my head even though I need a new one–and it’s been hard and easy. The easy part is that I know what I want for this scene and some of the backstory– the how and why he is in this situation and who he is.
But the hard part is trying to get around not using passive verbs and such. (Supposedly readers want active verbs so editors think they make a better story--personally I think it only works sometimes, other times it doesn't sound any different) 
Sometimes I write an opening– usually for a story– and it takes me twenty tries to get what I see in my mind onto the paper. I just can’t twist words around to say what I want. That has nothing to do with passive or active verbs etc., it has to do with being able to say something right.
Other times though it flows easy no problems, no worries. :) 
My inner critic can act up at times but so far I don’t see a pattern of when it decides to come out and play. When it does, sometimes I can ignore it but other times I spend too much time trying to placate it.

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