Friday, July 8, 2011

Three details

Saw Green Lantern Today.

Wow,  Niiice special effects.

Not too bad a story either. They changed a few things from the comics but I think kept the basics. At least on how he got chosen and about the guardians.

Except for one very important detail.  They kinda of used it but not in the right way.


Finally received my certificate for getting a Honorable Mention in WotF a quarter ago. Niice. My wife wants to frame it but I don't know. She wants to know where the one I got around three years ago is but I have no idea. Well, actually I have a couple ideas but not sure.


This was the last of my writing vacation. I go back to work on Monday. July11.
Didn't work on "Angel Kin" half as much as I thought I would even though I did finish chapter three with a great car chase. And have a couple of ideas for other chapters.

Worked on New Mage but didn't finish it like I planned. For someone reason I didn't feel like working on it the first week. But I may have worked that out now that it's kinda late. I am definitely on my way to the conclusion, very soon now -like after the scene I am working- NA will realize who the bad guy is and what he did to her but at the same time she will have learn to apologize and to reach deep down into her emotions for her friends. And somehow I have to get two of those friends to the bad guy's place. Either captives she has to rescue or get there to help but she doesn't need it.

I also as I mentioned before wrote a few stories. So I did get some writing in. I also spent time with my Nook, reading and figuring it out, and sent in a bunch of stories some of which I had to format correctly. I may send in two more tomorrow.

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