Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nook and an E-book to buy

I believe I mentioned I bought a color Nook.

Here is more on it.

I bought a book from smashwords. Took longer than a desk computer because of the way they do the keyboard--you have to change it to numbers and capitals - but it worked. However I had to find the book. After a search I found it in downloads but after fiddling with it for a while I couldn't figure out how to move it to library but just before I put the Nook to sleep after giving up there it was on the My Shelf. Okay maybe it does it by itself but takes a moment or three. I know I did it once before but a special menu came up to shift the book to My Shelf. No menu this time but it's there now.

Oh and for this book it took like thirty second or less to download. The other two books I've done took a bit longer... I wondered if something went wrong but it's all there.

I'm still having problems getting the music to keep playing. It's suppose to go to the next song but so far hasn't. The song I click on plays fine and the controls work but so far it doesn't go to the next one. A Music video played fine also. Picture and sound were good quality.


The book I bought is   CONVERGENCE. by Karen T. Smith
Anya is pissed when her family moves from earth to the Space Station Convergence. Everything is strange from the food (soy paste in all its colors and forms) to the frequently changing gravity conditions at her new high school. Anya soon uncovers a plot to take over the central computerís core processor. While this might not bother your typical geek, Anya is anything but your typical geek. She has discovered that the central computer is self-aware, and that computer is Anyaís first friend on the Convergence. Anya will do anything to protect her computer friend, Isis, even if it means breaking into Central Computing and telling her other new (human) friends about Isis. it 

It can be found here    on Amazon  on B&N has it too.   

Sounds good. I think the first sentence is rather long but other than that it's good... so far :)   

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