Thursday, July 7, 2011

Even more stuff on my writing

Of course got my first rejection from those I sent out a day or two ago. Less than 24 hours. JJA is pretty quick but I've heard he likes writers who have some credits. (This note should have been posted before the one on JJA but some how wasn’t) If that is true I wonder if he reads the cover letters first. Those with not enough credits he just sends back. That wouldn't take him long. 

Finished another story... that's six I think during this writing vacation. The one I just finished and another one used to be one story. A while back on the Baen Universe forum I posted a story for critiques. I was told there wasn't enough story so I added more story. Probably too much but the story sat for a while. After thinking on it off and on for a while I decided I wanted the original tale rather there was enough story or not but the new stuff wasn't bad. So I ripped the story apart and turned it into two separate stories. I ended up changing the original from Third Person to First and changing a couple of details and I think I added a couple of small things. Then I worked on the added story. I had to add a few details to it, finally added a knife fight to give my MC a final danger scene.

I have also started chapter eight in New Mage novel. I won't finish the novel by Monday when my vacation is over, been doing too many stories and other stuff I needed to do. But I think I have enough of an idea to do two, maybe three, more chapters. I just need to figure out a good way for my MC to get the address of someone who attacked her. Right, I have sneaking into a hospital and checking their records. But I don't know.

And I've done some significant writing in my Kin to Angels book. My MC in that one, was just involved with a car chase with competitors to the group of bad guys she is involved with. She doesn't know they are bad guys yet. 

Not sure how much writing I will get done with my last two days of vacation, have an eye exam and Green Lantern to see. 

But at least I finished two novels this last year and got eighty to ninety percent of a third one done. Plus quite a few stories.

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