Tuesday, July 19, 2011

They did it again

For some reason whenever Fantasy and Science Fiction takes more than a week and a couple days I start feeling like this might be it. Supposedly the longer they take the more chance of them at least taking a second look at your story. My mind knows that for me time doesn't mean anything. Six weeks two months its all the same as the usual one week.

Two weeks to the day and not even the your story couldn't hold my interest, Just the it didn't grab me line.

I know its bad but every time they're late I start feeling it. It's worse now because I've been feeling that it will happen again soon. No logical reason to feel that way- you might say a supernatural reason, my wife is praying maybe that is the reason but as I said no logical reason. My writing isn't getting better, it's either getting worse or staying on the same level.

I've said that before and I probably will say it again a few times. Nothing I do helps.

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