Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Fourth of July

Anyone reading this who isn't a citizen of the pardon me for a moment:

But this is a great country. Some have stated that they are sure that citizens of other countries believe their country is special too.  And I'm sure that is true and with most countries it's true.

But there is something unique and even special about the USA. The way were founded, our constitution, our freedoms, the way we share, work together to help one another etc..  Even with the way our economy is doing right now we are still doing better than a lot of nations and from the past and the determination of many there is reason to believe we will get back to where we were.

True we haven't done everything right... Duh.  Very few people would insist on hiding that but we have also done a whole lot of things right and we should stress those also. Sometimes we have done something bad because that is the way it was--it was done that way but we won through that idea, sometimes we do something that was for our well being- our interests but not necessarily for anyone else. Sometimes we sided with the lesser of two evils like when we allied with Russia during WWII But we are working on that too.

Over all though we have done more good than harm-both privately and through the government and helped tons of people. I mean TONS.

So HAPPY 4th of July and thanks be to God for our Freedoms

I may say more about that later but not now.

But if not a citizen may you have a good day working, writing or studying.

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