Monday, July 11, 2011


Just wanted to say that I had two dreams last night about a character I was reaing about The MC Marla Mason of T. A. Pratts series.  Hmmm, can't find the title of the series but there's more info here

I think this is the first time I've had two dreams about the same character in one night. I've dreamed Honer Harrington, Dray Prescott, Harry Dresden, Star Trek and surprisingly Murder She Wrote but one at a time.

Marla is a sorcerer and hidden leader-protector of a certain city. She takes on all comers-fighting dirty if need be- even though she usually leaves the citizens alone.  The first dream was longer, which isn't unusual for my dreams, even though I can't recall the first part- which also isn't unusual- But she wanted to talk to this lady who had some magical powers and was being careful but during the conversation Marla turned into  a Gorilla, as I recalled it had something to do with the conversation,  she went off the the woman and somewhere turned into a something. A man sized wingless bird or??? But she kept talking as if she had always been that way. I figured she will soon realized what happened and turn herself back but I woke before it could happen.

The second dream I forget but it was kinda short.

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