Saturday, July 2, 2011

PS on inpiration

went to Fantasy MAgazine to double check their word county for stories saw the pic at the top of page of the current issue of FM.  It hit me... my muse got very interested and I have the basic idea for a story. Not sure when I will write it but hopefully at least start it next week. I still have the other story to do for that one Cover image at  The romance story there that I left a link to earlier. I also need to do one with what looks like a naked very skinny woman sitting on a rock in a cold country. And I need to finish using the second half of a story-- while back I added to a story what I thoughy would give it more of a story--- decided it wasn't what I wanted so I finally ripped out the original but what remains could be a good story on it's own. Anyway I need to finish redoing that story.

In other words I'm getting to wordy here trying to say I may not be able to start this story next week.

The Fantasy Magazine pic is at

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