Sunday, March 6, 2011

Writing news

Okay I had a good day of writing today. No playing or busy work even though I do have two stories and or chapters to critique but I can do them during the week.

Almost finished chapter five of my "New Mage On The Block" novel...may change that title to something to do with fireworks, in accordance with a certain musical video but we shall see. I will add a link to that video later.

Anyway, I wrote and wrote today. The scene is where NA, my Main Character, is attacked by someone who wants to rape her, in more than one way, to punish her for taking away his girl friend. NA helped her escape the guy. I went further with it adding something I got from a almost rape scene in laura anne gilman's "Pack Of Lies"- I may have something to say about that book soon. I hadn't planned on adding that extra bit but it seemed to be called for and would partially explain NA's anger.

I also did some good revising in "Bright Lights And Chaos" my Nano Novel. The book originally had nine chapters but I split one up so it now has ten. Still whether small number of chapters but I will probably split up two or three more. I have over 81,000 words in that novel now.

Oh yes, in New Mage even though it has somewhere around 50,000 words I may not be able to add another thirty thousand. Unless I think of another one or two chapter ideas its about time to turn the corner to start to head down the end stretch. I may have said that already but it still true. But if I only get 60 to 70 thousand I can E-publish it as I have stated recently.

I really want to e-publish some of my stories, probably two sets and maybe a couple, three in singles. But I will have to sacrifice some writing time to go back over them. Some of my earlier stories probably need a lot of revising but I will only do some as I look for typos and bad grammar etc..

I am about one fourth done revising a short story I will probably send out in a month or so. Doing the revising during the first break at work so it's taking me a while.     and speaking of that I need to send my HM WotF story to Lightspeed as well as a couple of other stories to other mags, hopefully before the end of this week.

That's it for now maybe more very soon.

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