Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another update

I mentioned getting close to 84,000 words for one of my novels, I thought I might be just under that. But I realized that I need to add some description of the city the action takes place in.

In my New Mage WIP the MC lives in Boulder Col.  In one other I just wrote three chapters of so far, I will leave the rest until I'm done with one to three of the ones I an working on. Anyway, in that novel the MC lives around in where I live not here on the blog.  :)

I planned to make up the city for "Storm Born", the 84,000 word novel. There are certain characteristics that I most probably not be able to find in real city; like a sports stadium nick named the Box. I could make it an area of the city but we shall see. So when I go back to add descriptions, that will probably carry the novel over the 84,000 word mark. Which would be good and that means that I can now relax and just head for the finish. I think two chapters will do it. And I know a good part of what will go into those two chapters. My MC has to fight a werewolf and figure out how to get through a magical shield that has been placed over much of the stadium. I thought of two ways. One is that the wizard making the shield is an elf so that the shield can't touch iron or any metal with iron in it. So it actually stops a couple of inches above the seats and my MC has to break a seat off to have room to squeeze under the shield  maybe a unicorn helps him do that. He does fight one and I was thinking he does it a favor so it wants to help....I don't know for sure we shall see.

In Bright Eyes, my third WIP, I don't name the city either. I probably should. Probably make up another one but it could be a real smaller city near the ocean  We shall see on that too.

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