Sunday, March 13, 2011

New books

Went to Barnes and Noble today. I was looking for four books that were suppose to come out this month. Thought I would wait 'till the second weekend to give them time.   [rolls eyes upward]   well I was half right.

Two of those four were there. I checked the other two and they aren't suppose to be there until the end of the month.  What! Books are suppose to come out at the beginning of the month...don't publishers and bookstores know anything?

Well, that is true in my experience anyway.  :)

So I need to go back the first weekend of next month. Maybe I will have another 15% off coupon by then.

The books I bought were "Changes" by Jim Butcher...Finally the paperback version is out. Seems like I've been waiting for more than a year. Speaking of don't publishers know it's less than a year these days for hardbacks to come out on paper??? Obviously Butcher's publisher didn't get the memo. :)

And I bought "Late Eclipses" by Seanan McGuire.  It has been out for a bit and actually I thought I had bought it already but I can't find it if I did, maybe I just remember the cover from her web site. Oh by the way I love her name, wish I could use it in a story.

But I found two more books  "Dead Waters" by Anton Strout part of a humorous UF series. And "A Hundred Words Of Hate" by Thomas E. Sniegoski part of his Remy Chandler series. Remy is an angel who wants to be human...more or less.

The two books I want weren't there yet: the next one in Lisa Shearin's series. Can't quite recall the title something about cons and conjuring. Than there's the next Walker story in a series by C. E. Murphy. And I may get another series by her. Truthseeker I think it's called. All of these other writers are just at the beginning of their careers with the one series I am reading and maybe a couple of other books. Around Five to ten books per writer. But Murphy has been around a while or is very prolific. She has out four series with probably close to, if not over, 20 novels. Still at the beginning but significantly further than any of the others.

So I may have enough books for the year already. There's the next Trickster book out. I will probably read it but the writer did something to two characters I really wish she hadn't. Should have seen it coming but...

And one hard SF by Hogan that sounds interesting. And the Next Lt. Leery by David Drake should out soon.


  1. I finished Late Eclipses over the weekend. I liked it a lot more than any of the previous ones. I think it's interesting to see how much her writing has evolved along the way. Now the long wait until September for the next one. :(

    I still can't get into Butcher. I tried it again, but something about his MC just strikes me the wrong way. I have no idea what it is.

  2. A bit late here but From the cover evidently you're not the only one to think she has improved.

    And with Dresden-Butcher's character-- he does come off as a bit of a whiner sometimes in the first book. Could be his personality you don't like.


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