Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Well, a little good news

My last entry in WotF received a Honorable Mention. That would be my sixth, I think.

Not quite the big good news I want-that I have referenced in previous posts- but it is something.

Now I can send out this one to Lightstream.  Maybe the story will partially grab John Jacob Adams who is there.  One of my earlier stories has partially grabbed him. He said a couple of nice things about it. That was years ago, and of course no one else thought even that much about that story.


  1. Congrats! :) I'm still working up the nerve to submit anything. I'm really a terrible coward.

  2. Thanks....

    All I have to say that if you do get a rejection you will be in great company. Not mine. :) but all of the great writers get a ton of rejections. Sorry to say it's part of the process. Like falling down when you're learning to walk.

    One or three magazines will even give a couple of hints of why they rejected your story. Books are another matter of course but still the basic idea is the same. Most famous writers got many rejections first.


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