Sunday, March 13, 2011


I've gotten a bunch of ideas lately but no time to work on them I hope I can remember them.

The latest has to do with a swordsman in our times. He chases evil creatures and those who work with them. A dark character who looks tough and unemotional but would risk his life for someone in trouble...depending who they are. A big time drug dealer or an abuser he would probably leave to their fate. This guy's wife though knows him better than anyone but may leave him because he got a call-I don't mean phone call-- while they were having sex. She doesn't know why he just stopped. It's the latest in a series of happenings in their life.

The other night I thought out the opening of a story. About a girl out on her own who is somewhat based on my daughter. This story will more than likely be a simple SF and short even though I have no idea what happens to the girl.

Can't recall them right now but I have had three or more other ideas. Two had to do with SF. One was Space opera. But I still have more UF ideas than any others, at the moment.

As a PS I wrote some on New Mage this morning and maybe later tonight, need to go to the store now!!!

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