Sunday, March 20, 2011


  Yeah, I changed a few things here, finally.  If you find the colors hard on your eyes or the words hard to read please say something.

And when I figure out how, I will be adding additional pages. One page will be about the various books I am working on... maybe two or three pages. One page might be about my family, have to decide, and one probably will be some free stories. Probably only two to four. Or links to the stories of writers like me.  And one listing any e-books and/or e-stories I do and where to buy them. That I might list on the first page.

I will be doing some e-stories, I just have to find the time to clean some up...too many nitpicks and bad grammar. I've said that before, maybe I will just have to start... possibly pick one night a week to do that.


  1. Are you self-publishing short stories on your blog or as downloadable ebooks? I'll be curious to see what works.

    Nice blog. I am looking at it on my droid. Red text on red background actually is legible.

  2. Thanks for the comment about the colors. I think I will change one or the other though.

    But to your question. Technically, I think the answer would be both. But I am just putting up two to four stories for free. Right now anyway, that could change in the future.

    I think this weekend I will start going over my older stories for Smashwords. They will need cleaning up with what some called nitpicks. I won't be so concerned about active tenses and Show though


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