Monday, March 7, 2011

An extra on Writing News

My novel "Storm Born" is coming along. I am on chapter 13 0r is it 14, anyway by the way things look now I will be just under my minimum goal of 84,000 words. I have 79,000. And I need to finish this chapter and maybe have two more. So I figure I will need 7,000 words per chapter and I'm not sure I can get that many. If I can come up with one more chapter that leads to the end maybe I can reach that goal.

I figure two chapters for the ending--my MC still has to fight that werewolf who killed the young woman he found at the beginning. I had forgotten that and he still has to figure out what the Box is he is suppose to think in. A woman who may have a gift of foretelling told him that. To my MC she may have the gift, he's not sure. Even though I'm afraid to the reader it will be even though I want them to question it too.

Anyway, I won't be done 'till June, more than likely, even with 80,000 words or so. But Maybe I can finish during my vacation this year. I started it during 2010's vacation so it that fits.  :)

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