Saturday, July 20, 2013

Indie Update two

I received a response from Lucky Bat books Right Here .

They do both editing and covers. Someone at the WotF forums suggested them. I looked them over sent an E-mail asking for more info. Their editing services aren't too bad in price but I had to send in ten pages which they will check out, then tell me how much the whole book will cost. I want line-editing which looks for typos and bad grammar even though the novel--at least parts of it--could use the book editing service, probably. Right now I think I will go with them but it isn't in stone yet.

Their covers are a bit on the pricy side but some of their artists will draw exactly what you want. They do good covers. And since I'm going to have through anyway to pay for this book, I just as well go with what I want.

I finished the final revision of the novel--kinda late but I forgot that I hadn't done the last two or three chapters. I added over 500 words--maybe way over 600-to the final battle and aftermath, making things a touch more difficult for my MC and clarifying certain sub-scenes. I had my MC going through the same door twice.

I found myself experiencing the same emotions I do when I read a scene like that. Excitement, tension, wondering what will happen next, what type of injuries will she take, things like that. Of course I knew some of that but not all of the specifics. If my feelings are any indication it's a great scene but it's doubtful they are. We shall see.

Speaking of Kickstarter. I need to make a video of me--Ugh and Egads--explaining everything and come up with rewards for different levels. My camera can do that but can I do that?

Oh, that's right. It's Saturday night late evening and I just remembered I wanted to try to E-publish one set of five stories so I can see if I have the covers right. So which means I need to work on that now. If I do it tonight or tomorrow I will add a PS, well even if I fail for one reason or another I might do a PS.

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