Friday, July 12, 2013

Venting LB part two

I promised a part two from my last post so here it is.
I was wrong, ten minutes isn't enough time to eat even just a snack. But I still have lunch to write and three days a week twenty to thirty minutes before work starts.

I just wanted to say that this bossiness of Liberals goes back quite a way. They think they are right and force everyone else to conform or else. Started with spanking a Waay back when--probably before that but that seems to be the started getting big enough to be noticed. Never mind that at the very least three generations--including the Greatest Generation, was spanked with no over all harm. Never mind that mostly they were behaved and did great things-in various areas of life. Liberals didn't like it and thought it was abuse so everyone had to think that way.

Now we are dealing with guns and Medical help with the same mind set.

I won't go into more details but here in California we got it one of the worse states for that. A lot of people, including middle class have fled. So many laws, regs and taxes in what is called a Nanny state now.  Many times it hurts the people they are suppose to help but they don't care they get something in their mind and it has to be forced on people. Sometimes a situation does need some help, like Health Care, but they go Waaay overboard with rules, laws, taxes, forcing people to do what they think needs to be done. The Mayor of New York City is a good example and most of the State legislature here are also examples.

So these rules on overtime and keeping track of hours make it a lot harder on my boss--a small business owner--on me and our costumers which also makes it harder on me and my boss. This hours thing is so ridicules and a pain that does the opposite of helping. On top of it all it cuts into my writing time too. No benefits at all for me.

Okay, sorry for the venting--I could say a lot more but I won't-but this has me frustrated and there's nothing I can do about it either which makes it worse.  At least I can vent some here.  More writing stuff next time.

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