Thursday, July 4, 2013

Vacation Update Six

So another Vacation update here. I think there will be just one more, probably on Sunday --the last day--or even Monday by the time I get to it.

So I’m I decided this is it no more revisions--pretty much that is. I have the location of the final scene to change and as I think about it, a few small changes to the final battle. I’ve thought about it since I wrote and want to make a couple small changes, a couple will add to the very ending I believe.  And I have a habit of changing a sentence or two when I check for other things--like spell checking and  proofreader check or whenever  I go over a story. I can’t  help it :)    Usually those are small, tiny even, and may not make much difference. 

I decided that if I am to use GIMP for my own covers I will need some help. The cover needs to be something like 2400 pixels high and 1600 wide. I can not figure out how to get the height to change. I can get the width were I want it but not the height. I tried to download instructions from the GIMP website but those that deal with getting your pic ready for the Web need a special plug-in. The instructions online seem to deal with everything but the Web. I will take another look in case I missed something. I could go through the whole routine to learn how to do the whole thing and maybe I would be able to figure out what I am doing wrong but that would take hours. UGH.

Someone on G+ pointed out an older copy of Photoshop that is free, I might try that. It’s supposedly easier. Or the thought occurred to me to check on a deal at one of the Cover sights. I do want one done for my novel. Maybe if I do two or three they would give me a discount especially with one being simple. (Shoulder shrug--wouldn’t hurt to ask) 

I’ve been busy spellchecking, proofreader checking, and looking for certain words(like must-most, then-than) I mix up. I’m up to chapter seven with four more to go. Hopefully that will have found the majority of the nitpicks but from a lot of experience it won’t. Especially with the commas. 

I have also readied one story to send out Saturday to Fantasy and Science Fiction plus wrote on another story I need to finish. I had to do some actual writing--withdrawal was starting.  :)  That last story might go to WotF. I don’t know yet. I think it would be good for them when I finally get it done but I didn’t write it for them but (Shoulder shrug) we shall see, I am verily tempted. 

That’s it for now...looks like no PSs with these updates but it could happen with this one. 

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