Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Indie Update One

This may actually by update 8 but as most of you know I called the first seven Vacation Update so since I changed the name I'm starting over at one.


By accident I figured out something on GIMP and by trying a new button I figured out something else. So I had two covers, using nature pics me and my wife took, ready. However I decided the Sci Fi ones should have something that deals with Sci Fi. I decided to take some pics of a planet my wife bought me. (Boy does that thing play havoc with gravity around here--compasses don't work either. {Rolls eyes upward--clears throat} Anyway, after playing around with GIMP I figured out how to get just the globe in a frame with a black background. But after all that work I could get the Text section to work right. The blasted software wouldn't cooperate-it even quit on me twice.  But today I thought about making a copy and see if Text would work on the copy.  It did.  

All that means that I now have a SCi Fi I want, and a second cover for relationship stories. It is a nature shot but that's Okay. Now I need a Fantasy cover. Not sure what. A full forest pic maybe. I have some of those.  Not sure what would be a general Fantasy pic. I have another set of stories but they are quirky Sci Fi so I can use the planet cover again, just need to add QUIRKY in the title.

I don't know if this will work for sure. The only way to see if everything comes across as it is suppose to is to send a set-with cover and correct format to smashwords and see if they take it. Maybe this weekend.

I am at a stand still on the novel cover. I sent a message to three cover sites--I think I mentioned that already. One sent back a note already which is the one that I said has an opening in Oct. I finally received a second response but still none from the third one. I even sent them a second note. Still nothing. They have a note on their web site that says they have a special right now which is good. The second site hasn't responded to my second note about what I wanted on the cover. They also edit novels and I now know how they operate so I'm going to have to follow their instructions to get an estimate of how much they will charge me for that. Hopefully they will send a response back about the cover I want. The first site seems to be wondering if I made a decision yet.


  1. interesting. I know nothing about any of this but learn as I read more posts about self-publishing....didn't even know there were cover sites.

  2. Yeah, as I said I tried at three but there are probably a few more. They will do your cover for a price usually a couple of hundred dollars. If you need a complete cover--side and back--for POD(Print On Demand) it could be even more. They are usually very professional looking but many times not using a drawing of a scene like most Traditional published novels. At least two of the three doesn't. I'm not sure about the third one.


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