Monday, July 8, 2013

Vacation Update seven--last one

Okay, almost forgot I promised this one would be up by Monday at the latest.

Hmmm, over all got some stuff done but not the final product.

I managed to figure out, more by accident or God's help-than on my own, how to get the size of the covers correct. I now have two. No sure if I will use them though. The pics are nature shots me or my wife took. Good pictures--nothing wrong with them but they don't show the genre.
 Use a picture of a mountain side for SF?  Tempted to say I don't think so but maybe. I could try to find one I could use that costs only a dollar or so. One more like some of the pro published anthologies I've seen. Basically just a symbol or strange art form. I might try that. I can always use the mountain pic if need be. I still have to add a copyright page and forward to my story sets anyway and finish the formatting.

I think I mentioned--that could have been elsewhere--I sent an E-mail asking for more info to three sites that do covers. One does edits too. But I have head from only one. They would charge $300 for a POD ready cover for the novel. But they won't be able to get to it until the first part of October.  And they won't be able to do the cover I want. But they do have good covers so I could cope with one their style,
if need be. But October???  Egads.

Oh, I need a Logo too. Supposedly GIMP can do that too even though my one try didn't go very well. But maybe I can get to that manual. Problem is that I would need an artist to draw the image I have in mind and that could cost a couple of hundred dollars for a good artist.

More money to try for on Kickstarter? Speaking of that if I try them, I forgot I need to make a video of myself talking about the project..  Ugh and Egads.  My camera will do that, complete with sound I've already done it once for my wife but I would do it by myself, that would be harder. But to do everything--copy editor-cover-logo--probably not formatting I think I can do that, I will need to try it that way. Of course a pic of the cover would be nice to use for the video. If I get the story sets up on my own I could offer them in various price ranges. Plus a couple of other stories and if I could find a gift card just for books maybe that too and/or one just for books and one for B&N. Plus names on a thank you page in the novel and ?   Time to think about it.

So I'm stuck at the moment, waiting for more responses.

I said this was the last Vacation update the next ones will be Indie updates. Of course, even though surprisingly enough I haven't had any there could always be a PS if I forgot something or something breaks in the next day or so.

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