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Update for Writers of the Future.

 As most of you know but some of newer readers may not--depending on how new- I send in stories to the Writers of the Future contest,  Been doing it for nigh five years. Not straight but the majority of their quarters.  I have four maybe Five Honorable Mentions which gets you a very nice certificate and knowledge you did something right. My last one was given by the Late K. D. Wentworth as one of the very last HM's because she died half way through judging that quarter's stories. I feel that HM is special even though it was only a HM.

So far no HMs from David Farland the guy who replaced her. Not even with help from critiques by other WotF people.

So I tried last quarter, which is the quarter he is currently reading and judging. Their Q3. I spent time on this story, Another pro editor Dean Wesley Smith liked the opening and I hope David does too. I did everything that I know to do and I feel good about the story. Better than I have felt in a loong time. But I don't know if it really is that good, I have felt that before and I'm the only one that thought it. This is different though.

David puts out what he calls Daily Kicks in the Pants--usually thoughts on writing and how to do it better. And how to enter contests better.

So yesterday and today's Kicks are Here and There.  Read them both, they will do you good even if you never want to enter WotF. Really good stuff in both.

My thoughts after reading the first one:

Oh, yes if you want to know more about WotF try This link

Just read David's Kick for today. Called Imagination I believe but it's more Originality. 

Actually, heard and/or read that, from more than one source, before but this one goes into more detail.


How does my Q3 hold up to his thoughts on Originality? wotf017 (Actually, would rather have a head shake smilie)

Some parts are I think do, the total thing has some good original components over all problem and the scene in this sub-genre is original...I think but I don't know every type of story that is out there like he does. 

A person who critted it thought one major component was original but it isn't. In this setting, with this problem and what solves the problem it could be. 

I hope the thread that ties it all together is original enough as I think. 

But again wotf017 

Ohh, I hope it is, at least enough. I'm not placing all hope in this story but it's one I am proud of--My mind and emotions think it is a very good story well told...something I haven't felt on that scale for quite a long time. Which means I'm setting my self up for more disappointment if doesn't get at least a HM.

Thoughts after reading the second one,

Thinking back on it, I think I did at least some of what he suggested but enough or in the right way ???????????????????????? Orwotf017 

I already know setting is important DWS has preached that for years but that doesn't mean I "know" it's important if you get what I mean. But I know sometimes, at least, I work on it. So far it hasn't helped much but this time (looks heavenward--Please) it might. 

So far I seem to be batting ????? with his advice. It's there but enough?? Maybe I only tipped the ball with the bat instead of the full hit I thought it was. Or maybe I missed by an eighth of an inch even though the swing looked good. From past experience I would say that last is probably it no matter how I feel or think.

Final thoughts:

You may have to read the second one to understand about mid-ground but it's important to describing setting and a lot of writers do not do it.

This is an example of why my uncertain feelings from my last post. 
I got the senses, the foreground and distance but again without saying much, the mid-ground isn't that much different from the distance. I do mention the mid-ground but how much? 

I keep saying the same thing here but the more I read what he wants the more I think I did good but I don't want to believe I did good. There's still too much that could be wrong even if I am right and I'm probably not.

There might be a PS here But even though I believe and think this one is different I have been wrong many times. When I said no one agreed with me I mean no other editors that I sent a story to, but this one............

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