Friday, September 2, 2011

Another WotF HM and ...

Oaky, got another Honorable Mention for the quarter of '11 Writers of the Future contest. 

With all the work and crits that went into it, I was hoping for a sliver HM but it's still my writing so only an HM.

But still working on those mini stories. I have two on paper and I started a Third. We will see how I publish them. I will try one to a flash market but I may try others.

And today I realized I have four stories about writing, if I can do one more I think I will do one of those five story sets with e-publishing. That seems to be a popular length for story sets.  

Oh as a side issue I'm looking over more apps to see if I can put in book "Shelves" I see on a couple of other blogs.  So far nothing. 

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