Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Writing update of sorts

Working on mini-stories, of 500 words or less. One I did today takes place on a baseball field and starts with a guy running the bases nude. It has a lesson in it. Then there's a UF started a while back and just came up with an ending. And a space opera one I started and need to finish.

The baseball one is 502 but I should be able to cut a few words when I revise it.


I want to write a Noir(new meaning for that word I learned today) - hard boiled- UF that takes place in the thirties. Usually the hard boiled guy is a gumshoe but he or she doesn't have to be. I also want to write about a wizard in the wild west. Actually there already is one. Written about many years ago. I forget who write about him but he's a mountain man who rides a unicorn and does a bit of magic. He carries an odd assortment of stuff in his saddlebags including an very old earthen cup that can heal any injury if you drink from it.

Anyway, I might write a series that takes place throughout history, starting with the West, with the same family or same person. I already have a hero who has lived for a few hundred years. So it could be him in each time period. Depends if it's a book or a series of short stories. We shall see when I have time to do it.

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