Sunday, September 4, 2011

Next WotF quarter

Yep, still trying.  Partly for the illustration:  one reason-besides it being neat, for the prestige, the accomplishment of a goal, and what it would mean about my writing, I would love to win because it would be very cool to have an illustration with my story. That alone would make it worth entering.

For the next quarter I'm thinking of doing a SF story again. I have a couple of ideas plus a couple of new stories that I could use some help.

Since my muse seems to be stuck on Urban Fantasy these days I would love to do one of those but I'm not sure how WotF feel about it. The one or two I sent in didn't get very far but that could be because of my writing. There's a dark UF(that's almost redundant but not for how I usually write UF) I've written that I think is one of my better tales. I suspect they don't mind dark stories.

I know I have a better than average, unique UF story inside of me. The one's I've written seem to mostly pretty much normal for that genre.

Hmm, come to think of it, the one I sent in for this quarter could be considered UF even though not quite the usual fare for UF.

But I have time to think.

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