Sunday, September 4, 2011

Update on two story ideas

I believe I have mention these two ideas. Both inspired by a cover pic on a Dean Wesley Smith story. I've written one already, actually two different stories based on the same pic but the second one I'm having problems with. Dean's story is about a Vampire and you should read it. It came close to winning a nice award. But mine is about a werewolf. My problem is that I want to put in a twist but I've come up with one yet. I came up with three plots, all of which would make good stories, but they are just normal... if you get what I mean. One has a vamp who doesn't want to kill and she is a 'wolf who doesn't want to kill so they work something out. In another one, he helps 'wolves escape from a pack and it ends in a fight.  So more thinking.

The pic can be found here it's part of so go and buy Dean's story.   

The other story can be found here   I know a different name but it's Dean. It's more a romance story so he used that name. Oops, I just realized I haven't finished the second story yet. It's on my laptop and its been too hot to take it to work. But I need to add a bit to the description of the scene. 

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