Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A bit politicial vent

I won't go into too much detail which is why I say a bit. But it's somewhat frustrating. Of all the seven Republican candidates for the primary I have four in a group, All of whom I would love to vote for President. I have listed them in order of who I like most, which is where the frustration comes. More than likely two on the list, including my top person, will be gone by the time the primary is held in Calif.  There could be three gone even though most probably not all four even though one is doing good right now. If a certain two others join in, that group will expand to six.

There are also two of the seven now running, on the bottom. I would have problems voting for the for President. That leaves one in the middle. Not in that group of four but not as bad as the other two either.

We shall see who is running when it reaches Calif. it might be better than I think but we shall see.

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