Sunday, September 25, 2011

More updates

Been working on my mini stories. Some are hand written and I need to type them out but those along with the ones I have typed and those I have written over the years might be around 20.

But there are two problems, one is that for a book- even a flipbook- I want at least 22 if not 30 mini stories. Second is that some of them I want to send in to some flash mags. By the time I send all I want to all the markets that take flash I might end up waiting another year or two. But once I get them organized- which is a third problem finding the time to do that- I will see how it works out and exactly how many I want to send it.

One of those stories is a bit long at 1,800 words, no longer a mini story.

I may go with NaNoWriMo again this year haven't quite decided. I have half a dozen book ideas even though right now it could a certain space opera idea I've had for a couple of years.

I may have two people to finish going over Bright Lights, from the Strange New Worlds Yahoo group. That surprised me. But that's good.

And one correction. This last person who was in my group and
made the comment about the writing. I forgot English is his second language, he
does a good job of writing in it usually, and so when he made the comment he
made, he was talking about my writing in English not my writing which is the way
I think it sounded.

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