Saturday, August 27, 2011

A 56 word story and more

Okay, I've mentioned that On The Premises mini contest with a story 25 to fifty words with no letter e. Interesting and frustrating exercise.

Anyway, I decided to post one of my rejects. I want to post some more of my stories any way. I said I would but I keep forgetting to work on that.

I might have gotten it under 50 but decided it there may not be enough story. If I could have entered twice I would have tried anyway.

The story.  "No more Horns"

Tommy ran around outdoors without pants and shirt. Horns had grown through his hair. A pastor runs up and flings holy liquid on him. 
     Tommy’s said, “YIIiii!,” and sank to ground. His horns shrunk  Fianlly Tommy in his right mind, stood up, ran for his pants. Told pastor thanks. Tommy ran back to his family, pastor to his church.


I planned to post two more mini rejections but by the time I finished the other one I decided it was enough of a story, at 149 words, to send it to a flash market. I may add some more setting and human senses. 25 to fifty more words.

There's a third story I'm doing I thought would about the same but I think it will closer to 500 words.

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