Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wizards his and mine

That is Harry Dresden and one I just invented, even though I don't like to call mine a wizard.

Reading Jim Butcher's "Side Jobs", an anthology of short stories about Harry Dresden. I won't give away any major spoilers--maybe one or two very minor ones :).
Two of the stories were written from the POV of other characters. Very interesting to see Harry in another light. I think Jim does a good job of thinking out how those characters would see him and then to write it out. Nicely done.

Now mine:

The first story about Jim Greek-not totally his real name--is for WotF Q3. But wine lose or draw---not sure how you draw there I thought maybe HM and/or Finalist but that's still losing.  Anyway, win, lose or draw I will be doing other stories about Jim. In fact I probably already have done one. I didn't set out to make it about Jim just doing an idea from maybe a year ago but it fits too close to Jim...except for maybe where the new guy lives.

So I already know where he lives, New York(Maybe) in what house, that even though he has a car he hardly ever uses it, as I've heard a lot of New Yorkers don't have them so that isn't so strange. I know what he does for a living when not wizardering or Mageing that in his case. No, not a PI, he's an artist-a painter. He does work for the police as a consultant but officially he's an expert on the art community unofficially he helps with weird cases. He has a girl friend even though not super close still she likes him. Not sure yet if she knows about his other occupation but more than likely she will learn one way or another. His in with the police is her father.

The house he lives in isn't on any map of the city and is difficult for people to find that goes for delivery people so he has a mail box in a mail box store plus he has a second place where he paints and practices his mage stuff. The fact that it is hard to find isn't his fault it was that way when he found it. I'm not sure if he pays rent to someone-something or gets it free. He goes to a gym where the membership is free to him because he helped the owner.

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