Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Venting Two

One of the times I feel like quitting. Not only the usual rejections even for the stories that have had help with critiquers making them better, and not even a note- with the probable exception of one-but I can't even send in a clean story.

I just got the story back from WotF and posted it on the universe annex forum. All kinds of problems with the writing plus as usual tons of nitpicks.  THERE SHOULDN't  be hardly any. After two hatrack groups looked it over, after the new spellchecker and proofreader and double checking certain words the thing should be almost clean enough to eat off of symbolically speaking. Two people mentioned the number of nitpicks made it hard to read.

My latest story for a hatrack challenge is probably going down in flames as usual. Can't even write good enough to be a fourth place in a three place contest. This opening should have had all it needed. A couple of minor glitches but nothing major. But...

 Seriously thought about withdrawing it, not going to win or even place. My opening didn't even place fifth out of 14. But I may not be in last place either. Once I got enough votes to be in the middle. So that might be why I don't take it out. Maybe I'll be in the middle instead of last as usual.


  1. Don't withdraw. Just because others had a better hook doesn't mean they have a better story. It is more important to have the right beginning than a great hook.

    Just keep trying. Perseverance is the only way anyone ever makes it.

    Good luck to you. :)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement.

      I'm really not going to withdraw I just felt like it.

      But it's more than just the what people think of my hook. I'm almost always come out on the bottom, the best is middle. And so far it looks like this one will be the same


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