Wednesday, May 9, 2012

UpDates May 9

Just had that thought maybe I should date my updates instead of trying for different names.

Anyway, working on the revision of what I am calling Two Struggles at the moment.

Had to go back and finish ch 1 and now I'm back on ch 4. NA, my MC, is fighting a Griffin in the middle of the night on a city street. When I wrote it I original thought she defeats it and sends it back home but as I wrote I thought characters like her have strange friends and partners so instead she makes friends with it after a tough fight. I won't say how--read the book when it comes out :)

I may have two readers for it which is good.

Have written a story for WotF Q3-- it has already been critted by one group and I just sent it off to another. I think it's already lots better. And my new Word processor which can be a pain has a Proofreader which is great. It does help. I changed a few things. Found too many sentences that started with But, some are okay however I think too many would bring it down. I also changed a few phrases at the proofreaders suggestion. And the new word processor's Find feature is better than Applework's. It has more and makes the word glow for a moment plus I can use the dictionary-thesauruses feature without putting away the Find feature. Anyway, the story is better because of it. I think anyway. Now if I can get a couple of compliments on this version as I did with the first one and the people at WotF think my writing is better. :)

I decided to send the story I got a HM on to IGMS, the opening is a bit better thanks to couple of suggestions from hatrackers.

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