Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lisa Shearin- a kinda side issue-writing T-shirts

Lisa Shearin whose books I love even though I just found that this next book out this month-I think- is the last in a series. UGH.

Anyway she has some interesting T-shirts here

The top few are for writers but the rest are from her books.

If you like fantasies READ hers. If not read them anyway they have adventure-roamance and other stuff for the average reader.

But buy a T-shirt or three. I want to.


  1. Thank you for the shoutout, Louis!


    1. Wow, that was a surprise.

      And You're welcome.

      I really mean it about Lisa's writing. She is good... or should I say you are good.

      Anyway, I am still eagerly awaiting the book even I also have a a bit of fear because being it's the last one some stuff I don't like could happen. But still I'll be buying it first thing. Of course, I should add, it will have to wait it's turn to be read. :)

      Anyway I can get it early???

      Just kidding, it's only about three more weeks and I have a nice 20% off coupon to use on it. :)


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