Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Patricia Briggs--"Wolfsbane"

I am reading "Wolfbane" By Patricia Briggs (Wonder why I keep having thoughts of Star wars when talking about her) 

The book is the sequel to Briggs first published novel-"Masques". I read that one a few months ago. I either misunderstood something in the forward of that book or she contradicts herself. I'm betting I misunderstood--or misremembered. 

I thought she wrote "Wolfsbane" quite a few years after the first one was published because she kept thinking about it and/or her fans demanded it. In the new "Masques" she said she went back and revised her first one because she had learned so much by than she was surprised it was picked up at all. I read the revised reprint. 

She considers "The Hob's Bargain" her first professional novel. Which I remembered from the other forward. In this forward she says her sells didn't really take off until "Dragon Bones" which I read. I'm not sure actually how close it came but she seems to feel that at one point she was almost let go because of low sells and the lost of the editor who was a big help with her. But she kept on. At that time I noticed that she didn't seem to like to do series. Two, at the very most three books was it about a certain character. But now she has two paranormal series. I wish she would do another Dragon-Bones that is not Stealing- book. 

But her "adventures" as a writer would make an interesting study and maybe lesson for us non pro writers. 

I almost said wanna be writers but we are writers already--published or not we write.

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