Saturday, May 12, 2012

Another May 9 PS

I think I figured out which story I thought I was working on. One of the series of short short stories I wrote a couple of months ago. I mentioned them on a post or two.

Anyway, there's one that could be related to the one I will be sending to WotF Q3. I didn't set out to do that but the two MCs are too closely related. The short short-which isn't really that short-could be the second in a series about this guy.

So I had been kinda of working on the story in my head. I've already revised a couple of the stories in that batch so that one could be next.

Been working on revising stories so didn't work on Two Struggles that much the last week...need to do it now. But got to work on Stone Within a little extra. I don't know much about the tale for that novel yet but I like it. I need to add a scene with Jason the homeless guy who might be more than he seems.  And invent someone that becomes like a mentor to Stone. To help teach her why she is the way she is.

Revised another short short to send to Sword and Sorceress 27 today was the deadline. Amazingly enough I got a response back in an hour or so. Didn't have the right feel for SS27, I should send it to another market.  I'm not sure how the editor meant that last comment.

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