Saturday, May 19, 2012

Update May 19

Worked on Two Struggles--finished chapter one and chapter four. That leaves nine chapters unless I divide a chapter again. Or was that on another novel. Well I do have nine chapter more at the moment.

Wrote on Stone Within. Chapter five now. I need to get to her to meet with her friend that's a crazy homeless person--thinks he's the hero Jason temporally lost from his crew...or is he crazy? Need some type of mentor for her, someone who can teach her where she gets the strength and such from. I've thought about using jason but I'm not sure.  Wish I could write more on this one even though I don't know where it's going. I have an idea for the ending but I have just the nugget of an idea who the bad guy is and what he is trying to do. Of course I could make him another friend. (Shoulder shrug) cliche-ish but it still works.

Wrote on Angel Kin. Tessa has realized she is being followed, and is about to start the digging finally. But she needs a fight on top of this very tall scaffolding--yes there is such an animal here. Must be fifty feet tall with boards between the uprights. And I need her to be chased down a certain highway twice.

Still waiting for news on WotF Q2. Not even word that it was being delayed...which is obvious because of Wentworth's death but an E-mail with some idea of how long would be nice.

Just realized that I'm not work on anything new at home. The two novels and a stream punk story are ay work. But I've just been dong revisions and crits at home. Well, one story was half way rewritten and I added a a thing or two to a couple revisions on my novel but nothing new. I need to change that. In my rejection from extreme planets it sounded like they really did want another story before the end of June-the deadline. It could have been a form rejection but a long one if it was.

Have a story in a challenge in hatrack thought it would be better than usual but not quiet sure about that. Need to start the final revision of the story for Q3. Right now I think I will be resending my first HM to Q4.  

Seems like there was something else but I can't think of it now so there might be a PS note.

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