Saturday, June 2, 2012

New Books

So if I have time tomorrow I need to go pick up two new books.  Evidently the last in one of my favorite series. I keep forgetting to ask her but I hope she is doing more writing even if not about a pirate cousin with a temper and back for finding things and with a hard case rock tied around her neck. Well, figuratively  speaking anyway. "All Spell Breaks Loose". Be the first one on my block to have one. And you better be too...a great series. You will enjoy it so buy one...they make good gifts.  :)

And I just learned tonight that the next one in this series is out.

A neat steampunk series.

Phoenix Rising was the first

The Janus Affair is second. If you go to the website check out the videos. One on the right and one a bit further down. 

I may not have the time since we are looking for our cat. Took a nose dive out of its carrying box and ran away when it saw where it was headed. We have looked and even though cats have a way of finding their way home even when lost more than ten miles away so far nothing. Maybe we live too close to the vet. One or two miles. Sunday we will put up posters with the cat's pictures on it. 

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