Monday, April 30, 2012

And some more updates

I'm feeling the need to start working on Angel Kin again. I haven't wrote in it for probably three months at least. Not enough time and I didn't feel as excited about it as some of my novels but that seems to be changing.

Working on revising Two Struggles this month but haven't touched it for a week. Looks like I will have to work on it next month too, and will have to wait for my vacation to revise my space opera I did for National Write a Novel Month.

At the moment I am thinking of going the Ebook route with Two Struggles but if it is as good a story as I think--oh I may have solved when to put in some of her back ground I cut out. A talk she has with a friend, just have to decide when to have it.

Redid a story for a challenge on hatrack. It needed the term Command of Love or Command For Love to honor a hatracker who has a story by that second title in WotF 28. The winner of the challenge gets a signed copy of the book, by various of the winners. I think this year I at least have a chance. Probably not that great of a chance but better than last year.

Worked on my next story to WotF- revising it with help from a hatrack group. But I started revising the wrong version which I kept for some strange unknown reason. So I have to start over again... UGH.

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